2022  RHS Program Line-up: further information posted on homepage

Jan 25 – Innovation in its Time ~ The World’s First Typewriters: Martin Howard

Feb. 22- Massey Hall History: David McPherson

March 29 – Toronto: City of Commerce 1800-1960: Katherine Taylor

April 26 – The Discovery of Insulin: John Lorinc

May 31-  AGM—Reconciliation: Is it what you thought?: Cindy Blackstock, OC FRSC

2021  RHS Program Archive:

Jan. 26 – The Toronto Book of Love: Adam Bunch

Feb. 23 – Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia: Chris Bateman

March 30- Being Prime Minister: Behind the Curtains of Canada’s Biggest Job: J.D.M. Stewart

April 27 – 1918 Anti-Greek Riots: Chris Grafos, John Burry, and Sandra Gionas

May 25 – AGM: Wonscotonach: Indigenous Beginnings of the Don River Valley: Fred Martin

Sept 28 – The Don: Inmates, Guards, Governors, and the Gallows : Lorna Poplak

Oct 26 – Crafty: Hidden Portraiture in Gothic Boxwood Miniature: Lisa Ellis

Nov 30 – Men o’ the North: The Most Talked About Hockey Outfit in the World: Stephen Smith

2020 RHS Program Archive:

Jan. 28 – Women in Khaki, WWII: Dorothy Lee

Feb. 25 – The Missing Millionaire: Katie Daubs

Mar. 31 – Tim Horton: From Dreams to Donuts: Kevin Shea (cancelled)

April 28 – 1918 Anti-Greek Riots: Chris Grafos, John Burry, and Sandra Gionas (rescheduled, see April 2021)

May 26 – AGMGrand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna of Russia: Chris Bateman (rescheduled, see Feb 2021)

Sept. 29 – Call Me Pisher: A Madcap Romp Through City Hall: Howard Moscoe

Oct. 27 – Toronto’s Ancient Trees: Eric Davies

Nov. 24 – Moss Park: A Legacy Discarded: Andre Bermon

2019  RHS Program Archive:

Jan. 29 – Roots and Wings: The Story of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Riverdale:
Sister Gwen Smith

Feb. 26 – Canada’s World Wonders; How the World See Us: Ron Brown

Mar. 26 – Corktown: Its Shakers, Idols and Guardians: Coralina R. Lemos

April 30 – Heat Wave, a Paradise Cafe Mystery: Maureen Jennings

May 28 – Lacrosse: Our Native Game: Ron Fletcher

Sept. 24 – Toronto`s Secret Hollows: A photographic exploration of the city’s ravines:
Philip Jessup

Oct. 29TOBuilt Presentation: Caroline Ross

Nov. 26Riverdale: A History Through Maps: Bob Georgiou

2018  RHS Program Archive:

Jan. 30 – Three Strikes, They’re Out: Riverdale’s Lost Athletic Fields: Joanne Doucette

Feb. 27 – Toronto On A Dangerous Frontier: Carl Benn, PhD.

Mar. 27 – Main Street as Old  Growth Forest: Catherine Nasmith, Architect

April 24 – Eden Smith, Master of Invention: The Life and Times of Toronto’s Most 
Enigmatic Architect: Adrain Gamble

May 29 – AGMToronto Men Too Bashful to Wear Stylish Clothing: Pedro Mendes
(creative director, writer and broadcaster): venue – broadview hotel.

Sept. 25 – Toronto Movie Theatres Remembered: Doug Taylor

Oct. 30 –  The Don River Valley,  A Different Kind of Park: The Same Remarkable Promise: Brent Raymond

Nov. 27 – Rediscovering the forgotten stories of Riverdale: Cole Cioran

2017  RHS Program Archive:

Jan. 31 – Brushing It In The Rough (early Canadian women artist): Arlene Gehmacher

Feb. 28 – Oh, those dance-crazy Canadians! : Karen Millyard

Mar. 28 – A Taste of History: Bridget Wranich

April 25 – Leave No Stone Unturned – Finding Family at the Tower: Sandra Joyce

May 30 – The Ward Uncovered: Archaeological Investigations of one of Toronto’s First Immigrant Communities: Holly Martelle

Sept. 26 – Broadview Hotel and the Practice of Heritage Architecture in Toronto: Andrew Pruss of ERA Architects Inc.

Oct. 24 – Toronto’s Astronomical Heritage: Professor John Percy

Nov. 28 – Canadian Money: The new “Frontiers: Manuel Parreira, Regional Dir. for the Bank of Canada

2016  RHS Program Archive: 

Jan. 26 – Todmorden Mills Heritage Site and Arts Centre: Ulana Baluk

Feb. 23 – George Leslie: Toronto’s Tree Man: Joanne Doucette

Mar. 29 – Early Riverdale and Upper Canada’s Aristocracy: Ron Fletcher

April 26 – Riverdale Women and Children: Dr. Elizabeth Muir

May 31 – AGMCulture is Heritage – Bridging Two Sectors: Francisco Alvarez, Exec. Dir. of Heritage Toronto.

Sept. 27 – Archaeology at the Ashbridges Estate: Professor Marti Latta, PhD, Prof. Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto.

Oct. 25 – Researching Your Ancestors: Bob Murphy

Nov. 29 – So Similar, So Different – Winston Churchill & Mackenzie King: Terry Reardon

2015  RHS Program Archive: 

Feb. 24 – Inside Museums Toronto’s Heritage Sites and Their Most Prized Objects:
John Goddard

April 28 – Halton’s Heritage: John McDonald

May 26 – – AGM – Guest Speaker, Anthony Hopkins: Politics Makes Strange Cellmates: Design evolution of the Old Don Jail

Sept 29 – The Ward: John Lorinc

Oct 27 – Reclaiming the Don:… Dr. Jennifer Bonnell

Nov 24 – Pape Avenue Cemetery: Dara Solomon |  Director, Ontario Jewish Archives

2014 RHS Program Archive:

Jan. 28Along The Shore: Jane Fairburn

Feb 25The Mystery of Mary Mink: Guylaine Petrin

Mar. 25 – What’s a Park Lot?….: Wendy Smith

April 29 – History of the Shirriff Marmalade Company: Sarah B. Hood

May 27 – AGM – Guest Speaker Barbara Hall, Chief Commissioner, Ontario Human Rights Commission and City of Toronto 61st Mayor.

Sept. 30- The Chinese in Toronto: Arlene Chan

Nov. 25 – Cattle in the City a Smelly Fight: The Legal Battles between the City and Gooderham & Worts over Cattle raising at the Mouth of the Don: Dr. C. Ian Kyer

2013 RHS Program Archive:

Jan. 29 R.C. Harris and public works in Riverdale: Wayne Reeves, Chief Curator, City of Toronto Museum Services

Feb. 26 Remembering Toronto: Gary Miedema, Chief Historian at Heritage Toronto

March 26History of W. Harris & Co in Riverdale: James Harris, family descendant

April 30 –  Riverdale Heritage Conservation District: Ryerson Dept of Urban & Regional Planning

May 28 – AGM followed by A Celebration of Lawn Bowling: Alan Dean, Ontario Lawn Bowling Association

June 1Annual Garage Sale at St. Matthew’s Lawn Bowling Club House

Sept 24Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation: A talk about its mandate and work

Oct 29 From Meeting Houses to Moderism – Riverdale Churches: Peter Richardson

Nov.  26St.Clair Centennial Growing Toronto With Streetcar Suburbs: Toni Turrittin

2012 RHS Program Archive:

Jan. 24Starting Research on Genealogy: Kevin Bowers

Feb. 28Gooderham and Worts – the Family, the Business, and the Community: Douglas Worts

Mar.27Canada Cycle & Motor: The CCM Story: John McKenty [at Royal Canadian Curling Club]

April 24Don Jail Film & Excavation Talk

May 29 – AGMTreason and Passion: Riverdale during the War of 1812 –  Guest Speaker Guylaine Pétrin.

Sept. 25 – The Streets of Riverdale: Gerald Whyte, book launch

Oct. 30Lost Rivers of Ashbridge’s Bay: Uncovering the deep history of landscape in Riverdale: Helen Mills

Nov. 27 – Vimy Ridge Memorial 95th Anniversary: Two Riverdale High School students

2011 RHS Program Archive:

Jan. 25Food Scarcity in Riverdale, Then and Now

Feb. 22 Fauna by Alissa York – talk and book signing

March 29Fort York: Lessons We’ve Learned. Presenter: Stephen Otto

April 26A History of Marriage by Elizabeth Abbott – talk and book signing

May 25 – AGM with guest speaker David Miller, former City of Toronto Mayor [limited seating, further information to follow].

June 4 –  Street Sale ~ RHS Annual Fundraising Sale

Sept. 27 – The Preservation, Restoration, and Renovation 0f the St. Matthew’s Lawn bowling Club Clubhouse.

Oct. 25 Riverdale a History of Community Activism:  Dennis Raphael

Nov. 29 – The Street Arab – the story of a British Home Child: Sandra Joyce

2010 RHS Program Archive:

Jan. 26 – Film: Queen of Empire Av.  and presentation by Coralina Lemos

Feb. 23 – Howard Shrier speaks on A Life of Crime – reading, book sale/signing

March 30 – Brian Smith, President & CEO of WoodGreen & Suzanne Duncan, historian, will speak on: WoodGreen – Changing the face of Riverdale over 70 years

April 10History of Matilda Street & coffee educational session at the Merchants of Green Coffee

April 27 – Rollo Myers speaks on community efforts to commemorate Upper Canada’s First Parliament site .

May 25 – AGM with guest speaker – John Sewell, former City of Toronto Mayor [limited seating, further information to follow]

June 5 –  Street Sale ~ RHS Annual Fundraising Sale

Sept. 28 – Valerie Mah speaks on The History of the Gerrard Street Chinatown

Oct. 2 – Gerald Whyte, RHS President, and Barbara Myrvold lead a walking tour of Riverdale followed by a reception at Riverdale Library.

Oct. 26 – Barbara Myrvold speaks on The History of the Riverdale Branch Library as part of library branch 100th Birthday

Nov. 13 – Karolyn Smardz Frost, recipient of the Governor General Book Award for her book: “I’ve Got A Home In Glory Land” will speak on: Black Life in Toronto from 1793- 1900.

Nov. 30Three Greek Sisters Around A Greek Table – Sisters share their stories of growing up on the Danforth and ‘greek cooking secrets’.  Book sale/signing.[Venue: St. Barnabus Anglican Church].

2009 RHS Program Archive [partial list only]:

Aug. 1890th Anniversary of Allen’s Danforth Theatre featuring “Dollars and Sense” a Madge Kennedy silent film direct from the Library of Congress.

Sept. 19 – Corey Keeble, Royal Ontario Museum Curator, speaks on Stained Glass windows of St. Matthew’s.

Oct. 17 – Scott Smith & Gerald Whyte – Stories of Haunted Riverdale

Nov. 24 – Elizabeth Driver speaks on how the 19th century kitchen can come alive in the 20th century.