Crafty: Hidden Portraiture in Gothic Boxwood Miniatures by Lisa Ellis

Last Judgement; Coronation of the Virgin, 1500-1530

Netherlandish. Last Judgement; Coronation of the Virgin, 1500-1530. The Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.Photo: Craig Boyko/Ian Lefebvre ©Art Gallery of Ontario, 2016

Tuesday, October 26, 2021:

The AGO’s Thomson Collection has the world’s largest collection of tiny Netherlandish boxwood prayer beads, made in the early 16th century. These intricate objects house a panoply of characters: could it be that a recurring figure of a carpenter represents a self-portrait of the person who carved them?

Note: Boxwood with metal fittings, Overall Closed: 58.8mm × 61.1mm, Overall Open: 56.5mm × 56.5mm × 116.3mm)





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