Crafty: Hidden Portraiture in Gothic Boxwood Miniatures by Lisa Ellis

Last Judgement; Coronation of the Virgin, 1500-1530

Netherlandish. Last Judgement; Coronation of the Virgin, 1500-1530. The Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.Photo: Craig Boyko/Ian Lefebvre ©Art Gallery of Ontario, 2016

Tuesday, October 26, 2021:

The AGO’s Thomson Collection has the world’s largest collection of tiny Netherlandish boxwood prayer beads, made in the early 16th century. These intricate objects house a panoply of characters: could it be that a recurring figure of a carpenter represents a self-portrait of the person who carved them?

Note: Boxwood with metal fittings, Overall Closed: 58.8mm × 61.1mm, Overall Open: 56.5mm × 56.5mm × 116.3mm)





picture of Lisa EllisLisa Ellis has been the Conservator, Sculpture and Decorative Arts at the Art Gallery of Ontario since 2007. She was the technical lead for the award-winning exhibition “Small Wonders: Boxwood Gothic Miniatures” which opened at the AGO in 2016 and went on to the MET Cloisters and Rijksmuseum. Lisa has lectured and published widely on miniature boxwoods as well as the use of cutting-edge technologies, including micro-CT scanning, advanced 3D analysis software and Virtual Reality, which were used in the research and the exhibition of these tiny and fascinating works of art.

Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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