Call Me Pisher: A Madcap Romp Through City Hall by Howard Moscoe

Howard Moscoe, authorFormer Toronto Mayor Mel Lastman derided former Toronto politician Howard Moscoe as “the best excuse for birth control I know.”

Now, in Moscoe’s memoir, Call Me Pisher: A Madcap Romp Through City Hall, you’ll discover what prompted Lastman’s outburst along with the details of other hilarious and outrageous goings-on along the often-murky corridors of municipal politics.

In his talk, Moscoe will introduce you to the main characters in this 463-page memoir and recount some of the remarkable episodes of his 32 years as an elected official, before taking questions and signing copies of the book, which begins: “My grandfather was a horse thief, my grandmother a bootlegger, my father a bookmaker and my brother a scalper; so there was nothing left for me but politics.” He’ll describe how he used the tradecraft of all those questionable vocations to cajole, manipulate and beguile his council colleagues as he advanced an agenda to improve the quality of life in his ward and in the city as a whole.

To purchase this book link here: Call Me Pisher: A Madcap Romp Through City Hall

Event Date: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
6:30 pm
Location: Watch your email in box for details

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