Women in Khaki: Canadian Women in Uniform in WWII by Dorothy Lee

Picture of Canadian Army Corp Woman Photographer
Photo by: LAC-BAC

Through the story of Sgt. Karen Hermiston, Canadian Women’s Army Corps 1941-46, this presentation details how our Army, Navy and Air Force responded to Canadian women’s determination to join the fight against the Nazis; the initiative required of servicewomen who sought to move beyond traditional helpmeet tasks; and how the “Shoulder-to-Shoulder” propaganda and policies of the time briefly promised a new world of opportunity for women, a promise that was rapidly unwound post-war.

From Dorothy Lee, wearing the uniform of a woman who is no longer with us but whose story still deserves to be heard, you’ll see how the Canadian Army’s first female war photographer shattered her glass ceiling.

You’ll hear how women were organizing militias from coast to coast even as the first boys were marching off to war and much more.

Dorothy’s most recent appearances include D-Day commemorations in June, the annual “Women at War” Day at HMCS Haida, Hamilton, in July, and Veterans’ Week and Remembrance Day Commemorations across Toronto.

Event Date: Tuesday, January 28, 2020
6:30 pm
Location: St. Matthew’s Clubhouse
450 Broadview Avenue, Riverdale Park East at Langley and Broadview
Free to Members -or- pay $5.00 at door
Membership (Sept to May):
$20.00 individual / $30 per couple

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