Eden Smith, Enigmatic Architect Master of Invention: by Adrain Gamble

Eden Smith, Master of Invention:
The Life and Times of Toronto’s Most  Enigmatic Architect

Eden Smith (photographer unknown); image provided by speaker

This talk will cover the life and career of Toronto Arts and Crafts architect Eden Smith (1858-1949). Smith’s considerable contribution to Canadian architecture, and to the residential character and material aesthetic of Toronto’s first “streetcar suburbs,” will be discussed alongside the many mysteries that remain about his personal life, the subject of his upbringing, education, and even age, and real name, continuing to this day to allude those who study him.

Locations/Buildings to be included:
 High Park (private homes), Wychwood Park (private homes), and
 Cabbagetown (Toronto Housing Company - Spruce Court & Riverdale
 Court/Bain Co-Op)


~~~~ Adrian Gamble (PhD Candidate, York University) is a Toronto-based historian, writer, and journalist. Adrian is currently working on a number of local history projects, including his role as chief editor for an upcoming Fife and Drum Anthology on behalf of the Friends of Fort York, and is also part of the Rosedale Project on behalf of Architectural Conservancy Ontario (ACO).~~~~


Event Date: Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Time: 6:30 pm
* Location: Riverdale Public Library 370 Broadview Avenue (corner Gerrrad Street)


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