Arlene Gehmacher on Early Canadian Women Artist at Riverdale Historical Society

 Brushing It In The Rough: Early Canadian Women Artist

gehmacher_2016a_smSpeaker: Dr Arlene Gehmacher

 “Brushing it in the Rough” showcases the art of three nineteenth-century women and their responses to their Canadian experiences:  Anna Jameson, a traveler, Susanna Moodie, a settler, and Alice Killaly, a native-born resident. Each woman produced art within society’s parameters and their stories reveal the circumstances behind the use of their talents for financial gain.

Painting by Alicia Killaly, ROM Images.
Painter: Alicia Killaly, ROM image

Art historian, Dr Arlene Gehmacher, curator of Canadian Paintings, Print and Drawings in the ROM’s World Cultures Department explains that the title is a play on “Roughing it in the Bush,” the title of Susanna Moodie’s disparaging account of her early years in Upper Canada. Their artwork will be seen in full colour in a power point presentation.

Event Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Time: 6:30 pm
Location: St. Matthews Clubhouse