“Archaeology at the Ashbridges Estate” a talk by Professor Marti Latta, PhD

Marti Latta_PicPeople have lived in what is now Leslieville for a very long time. Archaeological investigations at one of Toronto’s historic homes has revealed traces of its earliest residents: the Ashbridge family who settled in 1793 in the area which fronts onto the bay which bears their name. As the family grew and prospered, the Ashbridges built a series of increasingly fine residences, culminating in the heritage house at 1444 Queen Street East. My talk will focus on the search for the foundations of their earliest log house and on artifacts that detail daily life in Upper Canada.

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This talk inaugurates the Gerald Whyte Lecture to be held every September
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Date: Tuesday, Sept 27, 2016
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: St. Matthews Clubhouse